Wendy Burrell

In 2009, I started with a small residential HVAC/Plumbing company. My first role was sales support and installation coordinator. I booked all the replacement leads, prepared the install packets, and paired the install teams with the appropriate scope of work. At the time it was a job for one, with just 5 Comfort Advisors and 5 installation teams. Our replacement leads goal was 200/month. It was a revelation to learn that when I paired the right Comfort Advisor based on the homeowner personality and level of interest, it could have a direct impact on the closing rate. Imagine that!

After 6 months, I was honored to be trusted with the first in-house marketing role for the growing service company. Our monthly replacement leads goal went from 200 to 300. Over the next 8 years, we grew to 12 Comfort Advisors, 12 install teams, 30 HVAC service technicians, and 15 plumbers.

Inside the HVAC Profit Vault, I share marketing knowledge, strategies, and resources to help residential HVAC companies gain and retain customers. You'll have access to promotions and sales pieces that worked for me and are still working.

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