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25 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Service Companies

Jul 27, 2019

When others zig, you zag. If you want to be different, be memorable and don’t think like everyone else. Look outside the traditional ways to give people your money. Look for others who need you as much as you need them. Approach marketing as nothing more than being noticed and remembered.

Sponsor a Highway

This is inexpensive for the constant impact. Pick a location with commuters - high volume traffic at the same time every day. There is a one-time cost to produce the sign, then a monthly fee. Savvy negotiation will get you a discount for two or more sign locations. This is purely branding. Get your name known and support your other marketing efforts.

Service Truck Caravan

One branded truck on the road is noticed, but three make people take notice. Choose a morning when technicians are on site and presumably leaving at the same time. Three trucks leave the lot in single file. Try to stay together and avoid other vehicles breaking you apart. Head...

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9 Modern Ways to Solicit Referrals

Jul 27, 2019

If you’ve ever tried a new restaurant because a friend recommended it, you have experienced word of mouth marketing. It’s the best kind there is. The first-hand experience with the product, delivered by someone you know and like, is a 1-2 power punch.

Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20-50% of all purchasing decisions, especially when considering a first time buy or something relatively expensive.

 Offering an incentive for a referral is critical because only 29 percent who have a positive experience will actually recommend it to others. (

A lot goes into a successful referral program, NOT least of which is timing. Ask for the participation right after the service, when they are still amazed with your professional service.

Here are a few simple, and not so simple, referral program ideas. If all else fails, money talks.

  1. Offer Cash
  2. Offer Dinner Certificate Partner with a local restaurant and ask for 50% off to buy in bulk.
  3. ...
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7 Ways to Stay in Touch With Your Customers

Feb 28, 2019

Your annual maintenance customers have built-in interaction with you at least six times a year, corresponding to the two annual tune-ups. That’s not enough, and don’t forget about the customers who aren’t in the club. To retain a customer for life, you must build a relationship. Don’t let them forget about you. This is where you earn the right to offer more value and more reasons to stay loyal to your company. If your customers forget they had a “prepaid visit” coming, you don’t have a relationship. Here are seven ways to stay in touch and get a better ROR (Return On Relationship).

Social Media  

There has never been a better time to connect with your customers one-on-one. With the social media options available, there’s no excuse not to. Social media platforms are designed to be a forum, not a one-way conversation. The benefit comes from the interaction, so you must post content that will increase audience engagement. Post once a...

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11 FREE Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

Feb 18, 2019

Spoiler Alert! Just because someone LIKES your Facebook page, doesn’t mean they will see your posts. It’s a catch-22 for free visibility.  The post has to have engagement to be shown more and it has to be shown more to invite engagement.

Here’s how it works. Facebook can’t read.  But it can track CLICKS, COMMENTS, LIKES, and SHARES. If no one is doing any of those things to your post, Facebook understands it is a dud.  No one cares about it. Facebook‘s first priority is the users.  If they don’t like what they see, they spend less time on Facebook.

Try these 11 ways to get more CLICKS, COMMENTS, LIKES, and SHARES so your post will be seen by more of your followers.

  1. Pose a question, multiple choice
  2. Poll your audience, choose A or B
  3. Offer a survey
  4. Build a FB quiz
  5. FB LIVE video – bonus: ask for comments during the LIVE video
  6. Prize entry
  7. Post real life photos, not fake stock photos. Use more than 2 in the same post, so the...
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7 Social Media Post Ideas

Jan 17, 2019

There has never been a better time to connect with your customers one-on-one. And with all the social media options available, there’s no excuse not to. Social media platforms are designed to be a forum, not a one-way conversation. Post content that will increase audience engagement. If your followers interact with your content, you get rewarded with being exposed to more and more audience. Adhere to the golden rule of social media: entertain 80% of the time, sell 20%. Here are a few ways to stay connected and increase engagement:

  1. TWIST A TRENDING TOPIC: What is everyone talking about right now? Think fidget spinner or the eclipse. What funny twist can you put on a current hot topic?
  2. PHOTO CONTEST: Oldest Furnace, Dirtiest Filter, New System Pride, My Tech is Best, Best Holiday Décor, Cutest Dog. Ask users to post their photos and VOTE for their favorite.
  3. ENTER TO WIN: Offer a prize giveaway every month, something that makes users want to get involved. Refrain from...
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5 Ways to Spy on Your Own HVAC Company

Jan 06, 2019

One of the most common pieces of advice given to business owners is, “You should be spending less time working in your business and more time working on your business.”  Words to live by, for sure. However, if you don’t dedicate time to spend on the front lines, you lose focus on your vision. Unchecked, it can become someone else’s.

I’m not suggesting micro-management, just that ownership look in on their human assets. The fact is, if a technician isn’t offering the club membership at every opportunity, it’s the owner’s fault. If call takers aren’t recording system age with every service booked, it’s the owner’s fault.

Here are 5 ways to spy on your own company:

  1. Listen to recorded calls

The initial call into your company sets the customers' expectations moving forward - good, and bad. It is estimated that only 40-50% of incoming calls are real opportunities. This is why every opportunity should be treated like...

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