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11 FREE Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2019

Spoiler Alert! Just because someone LIKES your Facebook page, doesn’t mean they will see your posts. It’s a catch-22 for free visibility.  The post has to have engagement to be shown more and it has to be shown more to invite engagement.

Here’s how it works. Facebook can’t read.  But it can track CLICKS, COMMENTS, LIKES, and SHARES. If no one is doing any of those things to your post, Facebook understands it is a dud.  No one cares about it. Facebook‘s first priority is the users.  If they don’t like what they see, they spend less time on Facebook.

Try these 11 ways to get more CLICKS, COMMENTS, LIKES, and SHARES so your post will be seen by more of your followers.

  1. Pose a question, multiple choice
  2. Poll your audience, choose A or B
  3. Offer a survey
  4. Build a FB quiz
  5. FB LIVE video – bonus: ask for comments during the LIVE video
  6. Prize entry
  7. Post real life photos, not fake stock photos. Use more than 2 in the same post, so the user must click and scroll.
  8. Reply to every comment but don’t make it a dead-end street. Ask them a question so they will answer back, and so on.
  9. Post rarely about your business and services. Social media is not for selling.  If that’s all your fans see, they won’t follow you for long.  A good rule is sell 20% and entertain 80%.
  10. Post a partial Stop half way through the list, then link to the full list on your web site. Of course, it must be compelling enough for readers to want to see the rest.
  11. Post emotional connection content - dogs and kids, the 2 things we love. Find a good reason to ask people to “feel free to share a favorite photo of your furry friend.”


Wendy Burrell

Since 2009, Wendy has been developing marketing strategies to help residential HVAC companies gain and retain customers. Wendy Burrell is Founder of HVAC Profit Vault, a library of done-for-you HVAC marketing, social media, news letters. Contact [email protected] and visit


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