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7 Social Media Post Ideas

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2019

There has never been a better time to connect with your customers one-on-one. And with all the social media options available, there’s no excuse not to. Social media platforms are designed to be a forum, not a one-way conversation. Post content that will increase audience engagement. If your followers interact with your content, you get rewarded with being exposed to more and more audience. Adhere to the golden rule of social media: entertain 80% of the time, sell 20%. Here are a few ways to stay connected and increase engagement:

  1. TWIST A TRENDING TOPIC: What is everyone talking about right now? Think fidget spinner or the eclipse. What funny twist can you put on a current hot topic?
  2. PHOTO CONTEST: Oldest Furnace, Dirtiest Filter, New System Pride, My Tech is Best, Best Holiday Décor, Cutest Dog. Ask users to post their photos and VOTE for their favorite.
  3. ENTER TO WIN: Offer a prize giveaway every month, something that makes users want to get involved. Refrain from offering one of your products. Instead, offer something of excellent value a homeowner would enjoy like a snow blower, washer and dryer, weekend getaway, tickets to a local coveted event. Spend a little. The branding and all the emails you collect will pay off.
  4. SURVEY: Decide whether your survey will be fun or educational. For example, ask users what temperature their thermostat is set on, or ask them to vote on two new movies just released. There are several survey styles available in Facebook.
  5. TAKE THIS QUIZ: People love to test their knowledge against others. Quiz them on home maintenance or office etiquette. Here is a great tool for building and deploying quizzes.
  6. WEIGH IN: Ask users to share information others would be interested in. Favorite family recipe, holiday décor idea, #1 parenting rule. The key is to ask for information someone would want to share, and also learn from others.
  7. POST VIDEOS: Record, then post, or do a Facebook LIVE right from your cell phone. Content ideas include: behind the scenes on installation day, hello from the office, how-to, help wanted/we’re hiring, customer testimonial. To make short, attention grabbing videos, here is an easy tool:


Wendy Burrell

Since 2009, Wendy has been developing marketing strategies to help residential HVAC companies gain and retain customers. Wendy Burrell is Founder of HVAC Profit Vault, a library of done-for-you HVAC marketing, social media, news letters. Contact [email protected] and visit


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